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preserve your memories

time is beautiful, time is fleeting. a child today is tomorrow's graduate, homeowner, and parent. mundane moments become more precious with every passing year, yet memories are fragile. but a walk through the park can last forever with the proper memento, bringing back the smell of autumn leaves, the feel of the breeze, and the happy laughter of your children.

meg's easy demeanor, particularly her comfort with kids, invites you to make her a part of the family. THIS ENCOURAGES ALL TO LET THEIR guard down and be who THEY are in front of the camera. AND IT'S HERE THAT THE MAGIC HAPPENS, FOR it's not about the photo, it's about the life it captureS. 

Not only is she infinitely talented at taking photographs, she is gentle, kind, easy-going, fun, and fantastic with children. And it shows in the moments she captures on the camera. Our two-year-old son loves taking pictures with Meghan - and so do we!
— ashley c.
If you are looking for someone who will pour herself into your photography session - you’ve found it with M.newsom Photography! Our maternity and newborn sessions with Meghan were such a wonderful experience. She is super attentive to detail before, during and after the session.
— andrea oliver
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Lifestyle and family session pricing is simple!

You pay $600 per hour. This gives you access to 150 + high-resolution edited images in an online gallery made just for you. Each family is unique, so each session is uniquely tailored to fit your family's dynamic and needs.