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During events and portraits, Meghan captures fleeting moments as unforgettable memories in her photographs.

Photos are real and believable, yet carry lightness.

Whether a wedding, gathering, or moment between lovers; Every subject experience is the same: moments become elevated, light and luminous.





For the past 12 years, I’ve been helping people make memories. Creating images of twirling, smiling, crying, laughing and dancing frozen in time to be enjoyed for years. These images are used by parents to show off their growing families, by couples to reminisce. Hundreds of brides and thousands of family members, each with personal, powerful emotions tied to their day. 


In 1998, I bought my first digital camera from Best Buy for $350 (I think it had 5.4 Megapixels….). I lugged that camera everywhere with me. From sporting events, hangouts with friends or family trips, I became enamored with capturing the memories of these gatherings. As I moved through college, the pattern continued and I was the person in our group capturing photos of concerts, road trips and all those memorable college experiences. My friends fascinated me; their stories and lives were so interesting. The best way I knew how to share those stories was to capture photos of each of them doing the things they loved most. For my whole life, I’ve been training to capture the uniqueness of each person feeling effortless in their element. 


Each project I work on is unique, but I bring three key points of focus to my work: comfortability, experimentation and effortlessness. Bringing a drop of calm and serenity to a busy day helps my clients feel comfortable. With gatherings, I unobtrusively float between moments to capture the authentic expressions that make those days unforgettable. 


We were so blessed to have Meghan with us on our wedding day. What a lovely experience. She is so calming and personable, and makes it easy to feel comfortable and relaxed while she shoots. When you hire Meghan, not only will the experience result in effortlessly beautiful photos, it’s delivery will be by someone who is truly a joy to be around. Meghan is a beautiful and selfless soul, which was clear only moments after meeting her. My husband and I were overwhelmed by her unfailing effort and dedication on our wedding day. She was bound and determined to give it everything she had to deliver an exceptional performance in a timely manner. Despite the demands of time and weather conditions, she made it all happen! She captured both unique and unexpectedly memorable moments, which is what you hope for from a wedding photographer. In addition, we are so impressed with her style and use of color- everything turned out beautifully. Her love and labor is genuine and true, and it’s overwhelmingly evident in her product. We will definitely be hiring her again!
— Kim and Chris Keith

Meghan is amazing. Throughout the entire process she was professional, prompt, communicative, and incredibly kind. When my husband and I were posing for our pictures together, she did a wonderful job of making him feel more at ease with the process. Our whole wedding party had only kind things to say about both Meghan and her assistant. She captured beautiful images for the entire night without being the least bit intrusive. She and her assistant blended in seamlessly while adding so much love and positive energy to our wedding. It only took her a few weeks to get the images to us and they were SO PERFECT. If we lived closer I would hire her for everything!!!!
— Sarah Mays-Sutor

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Meghan; she perfectly captured our Engagement pictures! After searching through so many “traditional” photographers, we knew we wanted Meghan for her captivating and romantic touch in her photos. She produced that look and more! Our pictures are timeless and breathtaking. Meghan is such an amazing person to work with too.. we were from out of town and she worked with us to coordinate everything seamlessly. She will go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your pictures. She made us feel normal and comfortable when taking our photos and gave us appropriate guidance so our pictures didn’t look too posed. Having had personal experience researching vendor after vendor, reading reviews, and contemplating who to choose, let me assure you this is one decision we made with zero regrets. I would recommend M. Newsom Photography again and again. Thank you so much Meghan.. you are amazing!!!
— Meghan and Bennett

Meghan made our wedding day so special and relaxed. She has a magic quality about her that allows her to capture the moments I never would have thought to request from a photographer. Instead of being left with all posed shots (we got some of those too!), she was able to convey the real feeling of excitement that swirls around a day spent joining two families together. I was nervous we would have to wait for months before reliving the moments of our day but Meghan delivered our photos quickly. I was so pleasantly surprised to open the gorgeous gallery and I will cherish the beautiful shots forever! With a joyful spring in her step and an understanding of the emotion, hard work and nervous energy that accumulate during a wedding, Meghan lightened everyone’s mood, made distant family members comfortable in front of the camera and seamlessly integrated herself in our day. I am so pleased with the memories she helped us to make and so excited to flip through our portraits for years to come.
— Chelsea and Ainsworth Jackson

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