Meghan Hill is a spirited, up-and-coming photographer who is highly sought after for the new life she brings into the wedding and engagement photography community. Cruising on her Segway through the romantic Spanish Moss and around the changing low country tides, she is currently based in Savannah, Georgia with her two exuberant Australian cattle dogs. Her work takes her up and down the eastern coast, and she is available for travel.

In 1998, I bought my first digital camera from Best Buy. It was a clunky $350 cinder-block-of-a-camera, and I lugged all 5.4 megapixels of it everywhere that I went. Photographing our family trips, our festive gatherings and sporting events, it was an extension of my teenage self that allowed me to connect with people and revel in the surroundings that came and went in my daily life.

While using my camera to share intimate moments and connect with people, it became clear that making authentic and revealing photographs is necessary for me in order to highlight the beauty I see and experience in the world around me.  Strength, energy and honesty have become somewhat of a currency to me since being diagnosed with a destructive and rare connective tissue syndrome called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which can leave me feeling lifeless and in unforgiving pain on some days.

The limitations this diagnosis imposed on me have actually helped me to grow and open many doors creatively and personally. It has forced me to find courage and love in moments of uncertainty. To be brave and confident throughout vulnerable days.

To me, closeness is sacred, and moments spent holding hands, catching a starry-eyed gaze, embracing, or sharing a laugh with your loved one should be felt with a wide-open heart.

This is why each project I work on is unique; because you are. Comfort, experimentation and effortlessness are the key focus points in my work. Bringing a drop of calm and serenity to a potentially stressful day helps my clients to feel at home. Unobtrusively, I float between moments to capture honest expressions that make your special day unforgettable; moments that otherwise would go unseen.


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