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evoke your passion

Great visual imagery can capture far more emotion and intention than just a logo or business card. whether a brick and morter shop, a service oriented business, a blog or a band, images endorse your business and tell your brand's story.

Meg Hill Photo uses an integrative approach to tell your story; getting to know you as an individual or organization, understanding your client base, and expanding your creative vision to bring your story to life. 

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Using M.Newsom Photography for my business totally changed everything for me. Having professional, quality photos of me in action at my business opened the door to magazine features, blog features, and newspaper write-ups. The photos Meghan takes really bring people in and make them want to get to know your story.
— - Kimberly Parker of Sisters of Nature Clothing Line and Boutique
the way Meghan captures the seemingly mundane moments in the studio or at a show humanizes us, it brings us off the stage and presents us more as we really are to our fans. we don’t want to be rock stars, we want to be ourselves, and she brings out the best of us in this regard.
— e-s guthrie of the band the grand shell game
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