observe your union

of the many days that may define a life, there is perhaps but one that shines most brightly. on your wedding day the dreams of childhood, the person that you each have grown into, and the family that will come are brought together in the delta of your love for all the world to see. these are the moments that can transcend generations. this is the day when you two become one. 

meg understands the importance of this day in your history. with a wealth of experience, she brings a calming personality that helps your guests feel at ease around the camera and your day to run smoothly. from small, intimate gatherings to ceremonies catering to hundreds, she knows how to capture the excitement, the feel, and the joy of celebration.

She (Meg) made our wedding a huge success not just of because of her professionalism, attention to detail, knowledge, and experience but because she was more than just a photographer; she was a planner, organizer, seamstress and friend.
— Jake and Amy Nowakowski
With a joyful spring in her step and an understanding of the emotion, hard work and nervous energy that accumulate during a wedding, Meghan lightened everyone’s mood, made distant family members comfortable in front of the camera and seamlessly integrated herself in our day.
— Chelsea Jackson of Hazel and Scout
Meghan blended in seamlessly while adding so much love and positive energy to our wedding.
— Sarah Mays-Sutor
Ok long story short - WE LOVE MEGHAN and you need her in your life for any occasion that needs to be documented! Meghan is truly a gifted photographer but more importantly a genuine and amazing person to be around! Her photoshoot style is effortless. She makes you feel so at ease. No awkward poses, but also takes into consideration what you are self conscious about and will help you...

Our wedding - which was supposed to be in Savannah - had to be relocated to Atlanta TWO days before... Meghan didn’t even hesitate to be there and worked her booty off at our wedding, and it shows in the gorgeous pictures.
— kristin and peter glaesser
We were so blessed to have Meghan with us on our wedding day. What a lovely experience. She is so calming and personable, and makes it easy to feel comfortable and relaxed while she shoots. When you hire Meghan, not only will the experience result in effortlessly beautiful photos, it’s delivery will be by someone who is truly a joy to be around. Meghan is a beautiful and selfless soul, which was clear only moments after meeting her. My husband and I were overwhelmed by her unfailing effort and dedication on our wedding day. She was bound and determined to give it everything she had to deliver an exceptional performance in a timely manner.
— Kim and Chris Keith
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