The Arnold Family in Nashville, Tennessee

Several years ago my best friend (in the previous blog post) was able to take care of sweet Beth while she was working on the oncology floor at St. Thomas Hospital. Beth had stage 4 breast cancer, and was at her worst when Kami came into her and David's lives. A few years later, and she is still great friends with their family (as even been adopted into their family), and was sweet enough to introduce me to them. Beth is a ray of sunshine, and is a strong survivor or breast cancer. I love how, in these images, beth always has a ray of sunshine behind her in the photos. This was something I hadn't planned to happen, but it is very telling of her sweet spirit and the gift of a new life she has been given. Their family means the world to me and they have quickly stolen my heart and welcomed me into their home as one of theirs. I was so thankful I could give them this gift of photos.

Only when you know how precious life is can you really know how precious these photos are. 

(also, these are some of the first photos I took with my new Nikon D600, and I'm still getting to know that camera a little bit. Please excuse some of the blur and the coloring being a little off from what I normally produce! I'm slowly getting to know her better!)