5 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Shoes Before You Buy

Your wedding shoes are a much bigger deal than your making them. Sure you want them to look awesome with your dress (who wouldn't?!), but do your shoes have what it takes to keep you on your feet all-wedding-day-long. I've listened to brides complain in the rain about their shoes, see their toes bleeding on the dance floor, and have seen heels get stuck in cobble-stone-streets more times than I care to count.

So, how do you make sure your shoes keep you dancing long into the night? Ask them these five easy questions as you try them on and walk around the shoe-store (or order them online ;)). 

1. Are you a type of shoe I am used to wearing? 

Kristin wore boots because boots are her jam, and they looked awesome with her Daughters of Simone Dress. Kate wore high stilettos because she was used to hailing taxis in them in NYC. You may be pretty awesome, but do not assume you will be able to pull off wedges on your wedding day if your used to wearing flats. Just ain't gunna happen. 

2. Will you get stuck in the mud if it rains?

It is something none of us want to think about: rain on the wedding day. Fortunately, rain is awesome and it cools things down here a bit in the south, so it's not always a day-ruiner. If you don't plan for rain (or even a muddy dance floor/grass down the runway..), you will most likely get stuck in the mud in the rain. Heels dig in deep when it's muddy, and you don't want to faceplant on your dress while your walking down the isle. (fortunately this has never happened.. knock on wood). 

3. Your super cute, and seem comfy when I wear you around the house.. but can you keep me on my feet for a 10+ hour day?

Think of your shoes as a tool to help you get through your wedding day. Comfortable shoes = happy bride which leads to a happy groom, which leads to a happy wedding party .. you get my drift. 

If you think it's a good idea to wear heels in the sand, it's not. Just wear flip flops. You will thank me later. 

Look for shoes that are wedges instead of high heels (do they support your ankles?), shoes that have some grip on the bottom instead of a flat sandal(you don't want to be slipping down the ramps to River Street in your wedding dress), and shoes that won't rub a blister on your pinky toe. 

4. Do you make me feel good about myself?

You have finally made it to your wedding day, so enjoy it! In my opinion, the happiest brides are women who are confident. Confident in their smile, their bodies, their wedding dress.. their groom.. and confident in their shoes. It may sound silly, but shoes can make or shatter your wedding day. 

I have had brides who are uncomfortable ALL DAY long because their sandals make their toes look chubby, or have brides who have to go barefoot because their shoes made them taller than their groom. Take your self-esteem into consideration as you choose. You want to feel like your putting your best foot forward on your wedding day. 

5. Can you keep me on the dance floor while I am dancing and drinking?


This isn't an exhaustive list, but it puts some things into perspective as your looking for that perfect pair of shoes to go with your wedding dress. No one can produce "the perfect pair of wedding shoes" because it all depends on whose feet are filling them, just like no two brides are the same.