A Day After Wedding Session in the Lowcountry with Ashley and Greg

Ashley and Greg visit her mom in the low country every summer, so they chose to get married on a sand bar outside of her cottage. As it happened, the first "hurricane" came through the area on the day they were to elope! The community around them all rallied together and still pulled off their beautiful wedding the day after the hurricane. Afterwards they all came together and celebrated Ashely and Greg. 

When I met these two, I didn't know much about their lives together. I learned that this was both of their second marriages, and that the first time they met they "knew they were soul mates". From then on out, they arranged their lives so that they could spend as much time as possible together. They travel over every continent, explore and are at ease around each other. I have witnessed many people who have "claimed to have found their soulmate", and have seen "soul mate love" in action a lot in the field of my work.. and I can say that these two really are perfect for one another. They continued to tell me just how "easy" life was with the other, and their days were always better with the other one was in them. 

I appreciate these two being willing to share their story with me and also to carry a super heavy canoe down the looonnngggg lowcountry dock so we could get these great photos of them on the water!

Meghan NewsomComment