Emily + Chris || A Southern Plantation Wedding

blogDportraits27 Here's a wedding that was "story" (get it?- their last name is Story!) book perfect. The rain held off, and the temperature was perfect for a southern fall wedding. The leaves were falling, and the flowers bloomed perfectly. Emily was stunning, super laid back, as was Chris and all of their wedding party. I loved getting to know their families better and see the way they all interacted with each other. Emily and Chris have been friends since high school, which made for an awesome wedding since most of their guests knew one another. They grew up in the same small city and have settled into that same city after they got married. They started dating in early college, and it seemed like everyone was more than overjoyed to see these two finally tie the knot. But, I don't think anyone was happier than Emily and Chris. They finally said "i do" to their best friend in front of the people that mean the most to them. Oh, and did I mention that Emily has the cutest nieces and nephews in the world? None of them are lacking in the personality category, which made this day all the more fun!

The wedding took place in Mooresville, Alabama at Creekside Crossing at Colliers End. Every detail was perfect for Emily and Chris, from the catering, to the books, to the flowers to the band. I'm so thankful I was able to be apart of this beautiful day! Thank you guys so much for welcoming me into your wedding day!



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one of Emily's brides maids let her barrow this GORGEOUS necklace for her wedding day. It was all the more special because her bridesmaid had gotten this from her husband on THEIR wedding day.

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It only took about 45 minutes to get her beautiful bow tied. :) This dress was seriously to-die-for. blogAgettingready105blogAgettingready133blogCfirstlook30blogCfirstlook2blogCfirstlook9 blogCfirstlook22 blogCfirstlook25blogBdetails39 blogBdetails41 blogBdetails45blogDportraits46 blogDportraits44 blogDportraits52 blogDportraits42 blogDportraits27 blogDportraits62 blogDportraits57blogDportraits15 blogDportraits77 blogDportraits69 blogDportraits81 blogDportraits87 blogDportraits99blogDportraits27 blogDportraits103 blogDportraits106 blogDportraits117 blogDportraits126blogDportraits155 blogDportraits165 blogDportraits175 blogDportraits181 blogDportraits225 blogDportraits234 blogBdetails32blogDportraits243 blogDportraits247 blogDportraits255 blogDportraits258 blogDportraits276 blogDportraits280 blogDportraits286 blogDportraits335blogBdetails5 blogEceremony58 blogEceremony57blogEceremony72blogEceremony82 blogEceremony86blogEceremony42blogEceremony91 blogEceremony94blogEceremony55blogDportraits152blogFreception33blogFreception25 blogFreception31 blogFreception38 blogFreception40 blogFreception23 blogFreception8 blogFreception46blogFreception52

What's a true southern wedding without watching football? At any point during the reception you could find folks gathered outside the barn watching the Auburn game from a small screen. That's true dedication.

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These kids!! They were awesome. They danced longer and harder and better than all of the adults on the dance floor. I have about 30 pictures of them dancing and being awesome, but these two are some of my favorites;) blogFreception170

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