Expecting Alice Part One | Guntersville Alabama

What can I say to do these photos justice? Words are failing me as I sit down to write this post. Several months ago Andrea contacted me looking for a maternity + newborn photographer. She said she had been looking over north Alabama for someone who had the same vision she had and she found my work and loved it. When I got her e mail I was not only honored, but so excited to work with someone who "got it". THEN I realized that she was the same precious girl I had connected with years ago at a camp called Impact! We both loved reading and having conversations that mattered, oh and we both liked to have fun:) I got to shoot Andrea and Michael a few weeks ago,  and it was so refreshing and wonderful to work with such amazing people and people who let me just do my thing. I've been feeling kind of burned out lately and this was exactly the breath of fresh air I needed to remind me why I love this art form so much. They were both so awesome during the whole experience, she was prepared with everything and Michael was so fun to be around. They are high school sweet hearts who are entering into such a special time in their lives together. I love their story, and love their love for one another. I couldn't put all of the photos in just one post, so I'm dividing it up a bit! These were all taken in downtown Guntersville and at their favorite little coffee shop. The pups were also great!! webedit4webedit7webedit8webedit11webedit14webedit16webedit20webedit26webedit28webedit31webedit32webedit34webedit36webedit37webedit41webedit46webedit50webedit53webedit56webedit61webedit63webedit66webedit71webedit73webedit77webedit78webedit81webedit85webedit91webedit94Guntersville alabama maternity photographer

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