Expecting Henry Part 1 | Nashville Tn lifestyle Photographer

When my sweet friend Lori told me that she had seen that Blair was in in Nashville and was looking for someone to take maternity photos of them I jumped on the opportunity. Not only was I excited to connect with another blogger who lived in the south, but I was excited to be able to take photos of someone who I knew was creative and treasured beauty in the everyday like I do. And little did I know how natural these guys would be in front of the camera. Seriously, they made my job super easy for me. Like, super easy.

I had a blast hanging out with these guys, and connecting with Blair and David..and of course Magnolia. I feel so blessed to be a part of this blogging community where we can connect with people, share our stories and learn to love each other. God is faithful always in bringing people together into communities, even when it may look a bit different than it used to look.blogedit1blogedit2blogedit11blogedit17blogedit22blogmglassesbloghenryblogedit48blogedit52blogedit54blogedit56blogedit57blogedit62blogedit64blogedit68blogedit72blogedit82blogicecreamblogedit104blogedit105 blogedit111blogedit116 blogedit117blogedit121 blogedit131 blogedit142