Kim and Chris' Romantic Napa Valley Wedding

My first time in California, my first time to see grape vines, my first time to meet my dear friend Bettina Crawford Photography  , and my first time to witness such a romantic and beautiful wedding. 

Chris and Kim have a beautiful story, and they are some of the most gracious and sincere people I've ever known. Their love for one another is contagious, as is their love for the community of people that surround them. It was beautiful to witness the way Kim's parent's friends (from HIGH SCHOOL!) came to support them, Kim's and Chris' friends from childhood came to celebrate, and to see the way new-life long friendships are being formed in my friend Mary's children lives. I still can't believe I had the opportunity to witness this and to document their wedding from behind my lens. 

If you'd like to hear what Kim thought of the experience, you can read about it here :