Get Outside And Do Something

" Get outside and do something you will remember"

I love seeing families raise their kids outside, in nature. I love it when they let their boys be boys.. romping around and collecting rocks, eating sticks and mud, getting dirty in nature.. the way boyhood and childhood should be. Away from computers, TV, video games.. and back to adventure and imagination.

The coolest thing about working with the Hubbard family is that my husband worked with the dad (Reggie) at Trailhead Bikes in Huntsville! Emily (the mom) booked the session with me and Reggie didn't want to come out and take pictures (like most guys), but when he found out it was me he was more than willing to go out and play on the mountain while I was clicking my camera! Too fun:) blogedit31 blogedit32 blogedit37 blogedit39 blogedit43 blogedit45 blogedit47 blogedit49 blogedit51 blogedit52 blogedit61 blogedit65 blogedit67 blogedit68 blogedit74 blogedit78 blogedit81 blogedit84 blogedit86 blogedit90 blogedit97 blogedit103 blogedit108 blogedit112 blogedit114 blogedit120 blogedit121 blogedit130 blogedit133 blogedit134 blogedit136 blogedit142 blogedit144 blogedit145 blogedit151 blogedit156 blogedit157the