How To Make A Wedding Survival Kit

Lets face it, even though you plan for months for your wedding day with every detail perfect, there is always something that will go wrong during a wedding. I've seen this first hand so many times! The seams may come out of the groom's tux, the flower girls dresses may be too big, your mom's bra may have broken at the last minute.. things you can't anticipate! 

Enter the Bridal Survival Kit. I take this kit with me to each wedding I have the honor of shooting, just so my brides can be confident that I have them covered no matter what is thrown our way. Safety pins for homemade buttoners, super glue for a broken shoe, hair spray and bobby pins to fix the brides maid's hair. 

Making this bridal survival kit requires a quick trip to the dollar store and about $25.00, and anyone can do it and bring it as a thoughtful gift for the bride on her big day. I put mine in one of those travel shower bags that folds up and has a hanger on the end so I can hang it in the bathroom where everyone can have access to it. It has SO MANY little compartments in it that everything fits nicely.. you can also find these at any store. 

Lets Find Out What Is Inside:

  1. Super Glue- because, well.. things fall apart.
  2. Elmers Glue
  3. Q-tips- a million uses, many times q-tips will save the day!
  4. Scissors- No explanation needed
  5. Nail File
  6. Sharpie//Pen//Pencil
  7. Lint Roller
  8. Tampon- You get a lot of women in a room together and this is bound to happen
  9. Zip- Lock baggies
  10. Large and small zip ties
  11. Pins
  12. Safety Pins
  13. Clear tape
  14. Hand held mirror- I can't count how many times the girls have needed this!
  15. Nail Clippers
  16. Tissue
  17. Band Aids- make sure you get flesh colored!
  18. Paper Clip
  19. Clothes Pin
  20. Rubber Band
  21. Hair Barrette//Bobby Pins
  22. Advil//Goody's//IB Profin// Breath Strips
  23. Wet Wipes
  24. Duct Tape
  25. Hair Spray