Jeff and Kerrie's Forsyth Park Engagement

Jeff and Kerri do things differently. Like becoming best friend before they started dating (which I think is awesome), moving in together, going back to school for a masters, buying a house.. and THEN they decided to get married. They are two of those people who knew all along, feeling no need to rush what they had already committed to so long ago. They also decided to get their engagement photos taken two weeks before their wedding. A-typical, but awesome.

Kerri quickly became a sister friend to me after we met up the first time. She has such a radiant light energy around her, she is compassionate and kind and loves with her full heart. Watching Jeff and Kerri together is so beautiful, they make a great team and complement one another in the most beautiful ways. It is always a wonder, a gift and a blessing to get the privilege to learn and lean into people’s unique stories and ways of loving one another through my camera.

Meghan HillComment