Judith + Brantley's Fall Vintage Inspired Backyard Wedding

Judith and Brantley are perfect for one another, and I was beyond honored to be able to share their wedding day with them. Judith has the sweetest spirit, the dearest friends and one of the most beautiful hearts I've ever known. Their wedding took place in her grandparent's back yard surrounded by their dearest friends and family. They got married on a crisp fall day in November, and we really couldn't have asked for better weather or better people to surround them at their ceremony. Judith sourced all of her items off ETSY, and I'll have a complete list of where she got everything at the end of this post in case any of you guys are curious:). Enjoy a snippet of their sweet day. blogedit62 blogedit1026 blogedit1037 blogedit61blogedit114blogedit706blogedit44 blogedit176 blogedit171 blogedit53blogedit82blogedit28blogedit22 blogedit143 blogedit163 blogedit156 blogedit148 blogedit102 blogedit194blogedit205 blogedit129 blogedit26blogedit30 bloggettingondressblogedit268 blogedit274blogshoesblogfirstlookblogedit347 blogedit341 blogedit338blogedit425 blogedit429 blogedit462 blogedit501 blogedit482 blogedit474 blogedit472blogedit1 blogedit7 blogedit8 blogedit11 blogedit13 blogedit399 blogedit518 blogedit388 blogedit519 blogedit536 blogedit556 blogedit673blogedit660 blogedit697blogceremonypeople blogedit761 blogedit794blogedit818 blogedit829 blogedit842blogedit924 blogedit940 blogedit950 blogedit1016 blogedit1037 blogedit1047 blogedit1059 blogedit708 Dress: etsy, leanimal

Shoes: etsy, adVintagous

Veil: etsy, "EricaElizabethDesign"

His jacket: etsy, "RichardsFabulousFind

My hair piece: etsy, "CrowingPetals

Bridesmaids necklaces: etsy "liliwinklerbrides2"