Lipscomb's Elam Dorm RA's Do Donut Den

blogedit141 What can I say about these photos? First off, I'm incredibly proud of my little sister  (she's the one in the middle with the white pants on:). She's living out her dream and her passion and her call on her life. She is the Head Resident of a dorm of girls on Lipscomb University's campus. She is a mentor to so many girls, resolves tons of conflicts between individuals, and just graduated this past weekend with her masters in Conflict Management! It is so neat to get to see her doing her thing with these beautiful ladies. They are all such bright lights and leaders in their dorm, and I know they are influencing her as much as she is them.

Unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs when we had scheduled this shoot, but the nice folks at Donut Den let us take over their space to do a fun session in their newly remodeled shop. We all had so much fun sipping icees, eating donuts, laughing and warming up with chocolate and hot chocolate. I kept my eye out the window the whole time hoping we'd have some let-up in the downpour, and we did!! We all high-tailed it to the tree lot next door in Green Hills and had a blast shooting in the trees with Santa hats, Antlers and lots of laughs. Thankful that this shoot is becoming a tradition for these girls. And thankful I get to be there to take the pictures!!

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