Little Indian Princesses

My husband and I are unable to have children because of my health, so we do everything we can to love and cherish our friend's children that are in our lives. These two little girls met a month ago because their mammas are two of my best friends. While they live in different cities, we've been able to all get together a few times in the last month and these little ones (lorelai and petra) have quickly become the sweetest little best friends. My husband and I are relocating from north alabama to Savannah, GA in a week, so I knew before I left I needed to have photos of my two favorite little girls together- for them to have and cherish, and so that we could have photos of them hanging in our new home far away from their little souls. 

Lorelei's mamma is a stylist (, so her and I combined our forces and created these little indian princess outfits and paint for the girls to wear. OF COURSE they LOVED playing dress up together, pretending that they were indian princesses lost in far-away creek. The girls not only felt so beautiful during these photos, but they had SO MUCH fun imagining together. We got a good 15 minutes worth of photos before they insisted they get "nakey" and swim in the creek. Obviously I'm not sharing those, but they are the sweetest little things. I hope you guys love these as much as we do!