Lori + Barney's Urban East Nashville Ten Year Anniversary Session

Lori is another sweet friend I have had the pleasure of getting to know through online connections. She has such a precious and kind spirit about her, and when you put her and Barney together they are just too sweet! I got to meet Lori face-to-face this time last year when her and I were both traveling through Portland. Since this year was their ten year anniversary, Lori wanted to do something extra special to commemorate their time together. Not only did they give one another new rings!!!, they also chose to have a session with me! They were kind enough to meet me in Nashville (they are from Atlanta), and we played around East Nashville for their photos. Since Lori LOVES her some coffee, we started the session at Ugly Muggs, then we wondered around East Nashville and then went on over to the Shelby Bottoms Greenway. I am excited to share part one of their TEN YEAR anniversary session with you guys today.. and will share their photos along the greenway with you all tomorrow!

Thank you Lori and Barney for allowing me to capture you love for one another, and bombard you with lots and lots of photos!

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