Matt + Christiana

After spending the majority of my life in Northern Alabama, I had never been to Wheeler Wildlife Refuge in Rodgersville near the Wheeler Dam. Matt and Christiana tied the knot (officially) in front of their friends and family on a humid May day in Alabama. They met in high school, but didn't start dating until MANY years later. They had gotten married at the courthouse in September, unknown to their friends and many of their family members. A few months later, Christiana found out she was pregnant! She was five months pregnant in these photos, and you can hardly tell. They are such a sweet couple, and have friends who love them so much they flew in from San Francisco! The highlight of their wedding day was the after party, where everyone joined in dancing, catching up, and celebrating their marriage. I was honored to be able to share this day with them! blog1edit125 blog2edit134 blog3edit148 blog4edit149 blog5edit156 blog6edit159 blog7edit123 blog8edit120 blog9edit128 blog10edit127 blog10edit130 blog11edit131 blog12edit162

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