Taryn's Black and White Portraits|Nashville, Tn.

There's something charming, and beautiful about black and white imagery. It is timeless and won't lose style as it ages. Taryn (my little sister) wanted to have some updated shots of her in black and white, with lots of grain and character. We kept things simple and played off the large window light she has in her home. I love how the light shapes her face and brings about different angles she has. She is such a beautiful girl, both inside and out and I feel so honored to call her my little sister. Guys, she's single too:)) photoblog1 photoblog2 photoblog3 photoblog4 photoblog5 photoblog6 photoblog7 photoblog8 photoblog9 photoblog10 photoblog11 photoblog12 photoblog13 photoblog14