My First Two Rolls of Film

This month has been crazy. My little sister came down from Nashville to visit for a long weekend, we went to Columbus to visit Allie and Adam, came home for a few days and David went to the Lake House in Tennessee, I had two weddings back-to-back, and now I'm in Boston and New York. whew. 

During all of this crazy, I decided that I wanted to start shooting my personal travels and projects in film instead of digital! I went to Bay Camera Company (literally a block from our house) and bought a nikon film camera that is compatible with my 28mm lens and my 50mm lens. During all of that I took two rolls of film (and have lots of film with me on this trip) and am loving ALL OF IT. The learning curve, the anticipation of getting your pictures developed and not knowing what's on the film, the rawness of it (i can't post process anything or straighten up lines etc.), and that I can hold those images in my hands and make photo books out of them (not to be confused with SCRAPbooking). I wanted to be brave and share the first couple of rolls on this space. I hope you enjoy looking thorough them!

The black and white was taken on Illford 200 ( I think).. and the color was taken with Portra 160. I think I've just fallen in love!