The Mays Family

I seriously can't get enough of this little girl. Even on cranky days, she is so stinking cute. I can't wait to see how sweet she is to her new baby sister (a little Christmas present for everyone). So blessed by Whitney and Michael, and am so happy to be able to capture them at this stage in their family's life. Photos were taken in Nashville, Tn. at Ellington Agricultural Centerblogedit3 blogedit4 blogedit15 blogedit19 blogedit33 blogedit39 blogedit43 blogedit46 blogedit51 blogedit57 blogedit58 blogedit63 blogedit65 blogedit69 blogedit74 blogedit76 blogedit81 blogedit101 blogedit107 blogedit109 blogedit127 blogedit132 blogedit136 blogedit141 blogedit144 blogedit150 blogedit156 blogedit160 blogedit163 blogedit171 blogedit177 blogedit179 jblogedit134orth