Trevor's Senior Portraits c/o 2014

For some odd reason, boys never love having their photos taken. Senior portraits are a HUGE deal for girls, but most of the time my clients who are dudes take portraits to make their moms happy. Trevor was one of these guys, but despite that we had a blast. He is super involved in his youth group, is a baseball player and hopes to become an engineer or a doctor. He was such a good sport with me when I gave him crazy ideas about posing with his glove, or his bat and played along the whole time. I love how we were able to get elements of his life in these photos without making them too "cheesy" or pos-ey.  

Trevor, I am so excited about where God is going to take you! He's got some great things in store for you!! blogedit6 blogedit16 blogedit17 blogedit21 blogedit27 blogedit32 blogedit33 blogedit44 blogedit62 blogedit67 blogedit71 blogedit79 blogedit91 blogedit100 blogedit104 blogedit107 blogedit112 blogedit119 blogedit130 blogedit132 blogedit137 blogedit143 blogedit156 blogedit157 blogedit169 blogedit188