Welcome Alice!

How could you forget Andrea and Michael's GORGEOUS newborn photos? Well, meet little Alice! The sweet little babe that was hiding out in Andrea's belly during those photos. We planned our session perfectly around her nap time, but she was just too curious and wanted to hang out with us to whole time I was over. Goodness, I love her sweet eyes, hands, toes, belly.. well everything!! Andrea planned everything perfectly- their outfits were simple and not only coordinated with her decor, but ALSO with her maternity session (can you say dream client?!), we also had so much fun putting together Alice's birth announcement photo. It's just too precious for words. I just love this sweet family so much and am SO SO thankful God decided to drop Andrea back into my life after all these years. What a blessing she is to me, and what a beautiful thing it is to watch her and Michael love their sweet little girl so well! (not to mention how much Lilly loves her!). I know you will swoon over these images as much as I do. webalicenewbornedit32 webedit6 webedit13 webedit14 webedit17 webedit18 webedit21 webedit30 webedit35 webedit36 webedit40 webedit42 webedit45 webedit46 webedit47 webedit67 webedit64 webedit62 webedit58 webedit56 webedit53 webedit48 webedit77 webedit79 webedit80 webedit83 webedit92 webedit96 webedit100 webedit141 webedit138 webedit129 webedit116 copy webedit112 webedit109 webedit103 webedit155 webedit174 webedit182 webedit194 webedit196 webedit200 webedit204 webedit209 webedit211 webedit215 webedit219 webedit224 webedit235 webedit236 webedit275 webedit272 webedit271 webedit264 webedit263 webedit246 webedit244 webedit278 webedit282 webedit285 webedit291 webedit300 webedit304 webedit309

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