Welcome Waverly!

A little over a month ago I had hysterectomy surgery due to lots and lots of complications going on with my body. I am ever so slowly (and trying to patiently) recover from it all.. emotionally and physically. During the recovery process my sweet husband FINALLY let me get another puppy! You know, since I can't have kids I figured the next best thing (kind of??) was another little puppy in our lives. I needed something to love, some new life into our home and something to distract me from my sadness. 

Enter little miss Waverly! She is a Blue Heeler! Our other dog, Dakota, is an Austrailian Kelpie (which is a cattle dog) and so are Blue Heelers.. we wanted to make sure the two sisters would jive well together. We named her after the little town in Tennessee where my husband's family has their lake house. A very important and special place to both David and I.. and this weekend little Waverly will get to take her first trip there!

Today I picked up my camera for the first time since my surgery today so I could catch some good shots of the little rascal while she was still a puppy. I can't believe how much she has already grown in the two and a half weeks we've had her! I can't imagine how you guys feel about your kids.. I mean, if I was a parent I'd most likely be trying to book photo sessions every month just so I could remember each stage of development.. I know I will be doing that with Waverly while she grows up!

So, without further a due, here are some photos of our newest love! Also, please note that taking photos of puppies is much MUCH harder than taking photos of 3 year old twins (which I have done). These aren't the best photos, but golly she sure is cute.