Wild Hearts Can't be Broken

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken

A lifetime Love affair with horses in Savannah Georgia

When I was little I would watch "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken" over and over and over again with my little sister. She was in love with horses. She had posters of them on her walls, figurines of horses were scattered throughout her room, and her favorite barbie had it's own horse.

Our grandfather breeds and raises horses in Missouri. I have so many photos of me as a little girl walking around horses, brushing horses, riding horses with my cousins. It is such a fond memory and I've been clinging to it lately. I seem to be falling moe and more in love with horses as I get older. I see how loyal they are to their owners, how majestic they are standing in a field.. and the little girl in me awakens the adventure they brought into my life. 

Naturally when I shot a family in a field of horses last week I lingered a little longer to get a few pretty shots of her grandfather's horses. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.