A Rustic Session with Mollie

It's my opinion that beauty can be found in anything. A rusted doorframe, an old abandoned building.. and an old gas station in the middle of no where. This station has me mesmerized and I couldn't wait to bring someone out here and take pictures of them. Stick a beautiful young girl in front of some old vines, rusted signs and old buildings and it makes for a amazing session that produces even more amazing photographs. If you missed the first part of Mollie's session in the fields of corn, you can see it blogmollieedit2 blogmollieedit4 blogmollieedit9 blogmollieedit13 blogmollieedit25 blogmollieedit28 blogmollieedit31 blogmollieedit36 blogmollieedit39 blogmollieedit63 blogmollieedit74 blogmollieedit77 blogmollieedit84 blogmollieedit90 blogmollieedit93 blogmollieedit99 blogmollieedit102 blogmollieedit112 blogmollieedit113 blogmollieedit114 blogmollieedit119 blogmollieedit124 blogmollieedit126 blogmollieedit140 blogmollieedit157