The Oliver Family { Part 1}

As I sit down to write and compose this post, words seem to leave me. I have an overwhelming sense of love and devotion to this little family of four. Katie (the mamma) has been one of my dearest friends since our freshman  year in college. I watched as her and Matt dated, got married, welcomed Grafton into their lives, and heard all about sweet little Laken. I had the amazing opportunity to visit these guys in Oak Harbor, Washington this past month and got to spend a week with their family. During that week we explored the islands, had some great late night chats, made some yummy foods and spent almost a day taking pictures of their family. I have decided to break their session up into three little segments. I know you'll appreciate it because you will get to see SO many more pictures than if I tried to cram it all into one post. These pictures were taken around their beautifully decorated home as the family was all getting ready to head out to the coast for some family shots. I am just in awe at the way the creativity, love and gentleness this family has for one another is conveyed in these photos. Every one of them melts my heart.

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