Anna + Brian's Adoption Announcement // part two

I had to separate these posts into two different postings because of how different each of our locations were, and what they envoke in me when I see the photos from the field and these more "styled" photos we did for Anna and Brian's announcement. I wanted to create more of a "party" atmosphere for these.. seeing these two rejoicing and so excited about the little one they will meet someday soon. I just think about their child, years from now, knowing that their parents were SO thrilled to welcome them into their home.. so excited that they got to adopt them for their own. Also, it must be noted that I could have taken a million portrait photos of Anna (she's gorgeous, isn't she?!) and I'm only sharing a few because I know she'd kill me if I put them all on here:). So thankful for these two. Not only for their willingness to climb down into a ditch to dance under the train tracks with me, but for their friendship and their faith.. and for them letting me take part in such an important chapter in their lives.

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