Sarah + Billy's Snowy Engagement Session

I just can't get enough of these two. They are beyond precious together. We had a big snow last week here in Alabama, so naturally we had to take some pictures in the beauty it brought here! Not only were these guys troopers in the snow, but they hung out with me while I waited on AAA to come get me out of a mess in the parking lot on the mountain. Seriously awesome people. I cannot wait to shoot their wedding in May! webedit5 webedit8 webedit12 webedit15 webedit17 webedit24 webedit27 webedit28 webedit31 webedit33 webedit36 webedit38 webedit45 webedit48 webedit51 webedit53 webedit55 webedit56 webedit59 webedit61 webedit65 webedit67 webedit71 webedit78 webedit82 webedit86 webedit87