Anthropologie Fashion Show

A couple of months ago my friend Meghan organized a fashion show at our local Anthropologie. I was honored that she asked me to shoot it! It was my first time to shoot a fashion show (not many of those going on around these parts), and I had a blast getting to hang out with all of the girls! Not only that, but I got to be in Anthropologie for quite a while, who can complain about that? I thought it would be fun to share some of the photos with you all today:)blogedit2 blogedit7 blogedit9 blogedit10 blogedit14 blogedit19 blogedit21 blogedit23 blogedit26 blogedit29 blogedit31 blogedit33 blogedit34 blogedit36 blogedit38 blogedit40 blogedit42 blogedit44 blogedit46 blogedit47 blogedit49 blogedit53 blogedit54 blogedit64 blogedit65 blogedit71 blogedit83 blogedit85 blogedit87 blogedit89 blogedit96 blogedit99 blogedit100 blogedit109 blogedit114 blogedit115 blogedit118 blogedit124