The Baby and Kids Expo (BAKE)

The BAKE expo was a huge success. I think overall we had about 700 people (not including children) attend, and had tons of awesome vendors! I'm pretty sure my favorite part of the event was learning about the infant swimming resource (where they teach infants and small children to swim!) and getting to watch the baby wearing fashion show. It was great. A long day, but I think a lot of people were connected to great resources. So thankful that Jessica asked me to capture the event for her! sharing just a few of the (over 700) photos that came out of this event. Enjoy!  

More images and resources can be found at Chatty Claire's site!photoblogedit263 photoblogedit275 photoblogedit90 photoblogedit11 photoblogedit1 photoblogedit86 photoblogedit78 photoblogedit72  photoblogedit251 photoblogedit205 photoblogedit41 photoblogedit194 photoblogedit38 photoblogedit166 photoblogedit35   photoblogedit227