The Jantz Family // Chattanooga, Tn. family photography

A few years ago God brought some amazing people into our lives through a small group community at our church in Nashville. Two of those people were John and Caroline. They were in Nashville so John could go to Pharmacy school at Lipscomb. While they were there Caroline went to get her masters in Library Sciences. Not long after we moved, they packed up and moved to Chattanooga for John to take a residency at a hospital.. and not long after THAT they found out they were expecting little Griffin!  

These two are some of the kindest, most gentle, tender and loving spirits I know. They have walked with David and I through some hard stuff, and have been such a light to us. I was more than honored when they asked me to take photos of their family and of little Griffin! They scream fall (even though it was about 90 outside!).. but all of the colors and shapes made for a perfect afternoon. And little Griffin was an angel. He smiled (and you'll see all of the silly faces he makes) through the whole ordeal. When they got home they realized he had a fever! So the little guy stuck it out and was such a good sport even though he didn't feel well. He is so much like his parents.


Thank you John and Caroline for your kindness and friendship. So honored to be able to be with you all during this stage of your lives!! (( Chattanooga Tn. Family Photography)) blogedit1 blogedit28 blogedit33 blogedit36 blogedit44 blogedit47 blogedit51 blogedit53 blogedit58 blogedit68 blogedit76 blogedit80 blogedit82 blogedit87 blogedit92 blogedit102 blogedit105 blogedit111 blogedit116 blogedit119 blogedit122 blogedit124 blogedit126 blogedit135 blogedit144 blogedit148 blogedit150 blogedit152 blogedit156 blogedit162 blogedit167 blogedit169 blogedit177 blogedit183 blogedit184 blogedit187 blogedit190 blogedit192 blogedit196 blogedit204 blogedit209 blogedit215 blogedit218 blogedit224 blogedit232 blogedit234 blogedit240 blogedit243 blogedit249 blogedit251 blogedit262