Expecting Riley/ Huntsville Al Maternity Photographer

When Megan contacted me earlier this summer to take their maternity photos I was beyond excited. Megan and I have been friends since Middle School, and she has always been such a bright light in my life. To have the opportunity to spend several hours with her and Kevin, and to document such an important time in their lives meant the world to me. We took their photos down at Chula Vista Lake in Decatur, and pretended it was fall-like weather outside :). They were all such champs in the heat and humidity of the late September summer. Nora (their pup) joined us for the photos too, and had a blast. I am in love with EACH photo I took of them, and had such a hard time choosing which ones to share with you all today. I couldn't really narrow it down too much, because I wanted to be able to show you all 300 of them!!

Megan and Kevin, you guys are so great. So blessed by you and your love for one another and the Lord, and SO excited to see baby Riley and the amazing parents you are going to become!

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