Ashley's Dreamy Senior Session | Huntsville, Alabama

Several weeks ago I ran an add on facebook giving away a free senior session to one lucky winner. Ashley's friend Mallory won the session, but she had already had her photos made so she passed it along to Ashley. After reading Ashley's questionnaire I sent over, I was so excited to meet her and learn more about her and the plans she had for the next year of her life. She is beautiful, talented, and has a heart to serve the Lord. She has clear direction in her life, which is unusual for someone her age. She is going to school in Florida for music, and hopes to be a Christian recording artist. While we were shooting in the woods, I was able to witness a mini concert of hers, and had a hard time concentrating on my task at hand because her voice is just so beautiful! I am so excited for what God has in store for Ashley's future. Ashely, you are beautiful and are meant for amazing things! Thank you for letting me capture you at this stage in your life!

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