Stefanie and Pierre Expecting | Nashville, Tn.

My eyes are getting a bit wattery as I sit down and write out this post. Stefanie and Pierre are some of the dearest friends my husband and I have. We met them at a marriage thing at Midtown 12th south when we first moved back to Nashville from Colorado. After then, they continued to invest in our lives through some of the hardest times we have ever walked through. They brought us into their K group (small group) at church, where we shared life with them and several other couples. Their love for each other and their love for God shines through in everything they do. And now they are bringing a sweet little girl into the world. I know they will have a home filled with love, with compassion and with lots of laughter as they raise their sweet child. I was honored to be able to capture them at this stage in their lives.. and loved the excuse to hang out with them for two hours on a Sunday afternoon. We started the session in baby girl's empty room, and then went down to Sevier Park and walked around 12th south, ending at Midtown. I just can't say enough about how wonderful these two people are, and what a blessing and light they are in my life.

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