I have heard it argued that the internet is messing things up. And I agree with what some people say.. to an extent. But the internet can also give life, and inspiration and community and friendships. Bonnie is proof of that. She authors the blog, Going Home To Roost  and cultivates beauty and life and community within her blog and her subscription service The Roost Tribe. Bonnie and I have become dear friends through means of the internet. She is an amazing designer, and designed two beautiful projects for me (including my stunning logo!!). Through the projects and e mails we quickly connected over our faith, our love for all things handmade and homegrown and our love for eating healthy and living simply. She has been a bright light to me on many dark days, and I am so thankful that the Lord decided to let our cyber paths cross.

A few weeks ago my family took a trip up to Asheville, NC for vacation. While I was there I was able to spend some time connecting with Bonnie face to face. What a sweet blessing that was for both of us! It's always nerve racking to me to connect with someone  in person that I've connected with over letters and e mail. It's kind of like a blind pen-pal date! We had a blast together, and she was gracious enough to let me take some maternity photos of her while we spent time laughing and talking. I love each of these photos, and am just so excited for her and David to welcome their little boy into the world.. so soon!! I am also so thankful that I will have a friend to connect with when David and I make the transition to Ashville (lord willing he will land a job there!) when David finishes school.

Thank you Bonnie for your sweet friendship and for being such a light to so many!!

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