Sarah Senior c/o 2014 {part 1}

This girl. Goodness, she's inspiring to me! As a senior in high school, she's already certain of who she is and who she wants to be. She's a huge outdoors enthusiast (some awesome photos of her climbing and riding her mountain bike coming up in part two) and she knows where she comes alive. She's hoping to head to the mountains for college and study Mechanical Engineering. David introduced us (he works at the bike shop with Sarah), and I'm so glad he did! We had a blast hanging out and taking photos together.. not to mention that she is a NATURAL in front of the camera. I think I need to take some modeling classes from this girl. If all else fails, she could move to New York (is that where people move to become models?) and become a model. She's totally got the looks and the skills for it!! --Senior Photography Huntsville Alabama--

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