The Brown Family

I loved getting to spend time with this precious family a few weeks ago at Hayes Nature Preserve in Huntsville Alabama. When I was first contacted by Taryn I new immediately that I would love her because she shares the same name as my sister! Not only that, but she told me that she had two little red-haired twins. I've got a thing for red heads. And they did not disappoint! Eli and Sophia are all over the place, but were so much fun to be around. I love all of the candid moments we were able to capture between them all and hope that these photos help them remember this crazy (and so special) time in their lives together!! Thank you guys so much for allowing me to capture a small glimpse into your lives! blogedit125 blogedit129 webedit32 webedit36 webedit44 webedit48 webedit53 webedit67 webedit85 webedit102 webedit105 webedit110 webedit114 webedit123 webedit142 webedit145 webedit155 webedit160 webedit168 webedit172 webedit176 webedit188 webedit198 webedit200 webedit202 webedit206 webedit208 webedit215 webedit223 webedit236 webedit238 webedit243 webedit255 webedit264 webedit268