Riley Is 6 Months Old! Huntsville Alabama lifestyle photography


I don't know if you remember Megan and Kevin's swoon-worthy maternity photos. ( You can find them here:: It seems like just yesterday we were wiping the sweat from our foreheads as we took them in the hot fall weather here in Alabama. Now that little one growing in her tummy is already 6 months old! I couldn't be more honored to be able to capture this precious spirit with his sweet parents. Megan and I have been friends since Middle School, and it is so beautiful to watch people you know and love (for so long!) become parents. Megan is a natural. And then to see some of her characteristics in little Riley is just so much fun. For the first part of the session we focused on Riley and on lots of cuddles. I LOVE that they read "I'm A Little Teapot" to him every night and he LOVES being the depot! I loved seeing his giggles and smiles. And his daddy works in construction, so we had to use a construction book too! So sweet! For the second part of the session, we still got super cuddly (which is my favorite if you haven't noticed) but took the cuddles outside. Riley was such a champ.. he laughed and giggled while my dad (my assistant for the day) was jumping up and down behind me making monkey noises! Overall, I had such a hard time choosing just a few (oops I think I chose 40?!) of these images for you to look through. They are all just so precious to me! webedit4webedit8webedit13webedit21webedit29webedit34webedit36webedit42webedit45webedit49webedit52webedit57webedit60webedit62webedit66webedit70webedit76webedit79webedit83webedit91webedit93webedit97webedit101webedit105webedit112webedit116webedit123webedit135webedit141webedit150webedit151webedit159webedit165webedit169webedit175webedit182webedit188webedit192webedit197 Huntsville alabama lifestyle photography