Dewayne and Cara's Huntsville, Alabama Booths Lumber Yard Wedding

As a visual story teller, I feel that Cara's story is too important and beautiful to not add a few words to accompany the photos of her and Dewayne's wedding day. 

Three years ago Cara contacted me asking me to take senior pictures for her son Noah's senior session  and I was immediately drawn to the way she loved her kids and they loved her. She was full of grace and love and gave them the freedom to explore and find their own paths. The connection she shares with her children is so beautiful. A year later I got to step into their lives again for Lydia's Senior Photos. Again, I was able to connect with Cara and draw from her strength and love for life. She shared with me her story (which I will not share here), and has continually been someone I've drawn inspiration and strength from. 

Cara's beautiful spirit and presence has walked with me through uncertain roads, and she's continually encouraged me during my life's ups and downs. She's modeled things for me that she may never know, and has influenced the people around her in beautiful ways. 

About a year ago Cara contacted me to let me know she was engaged to the most wonderful man. Tears immediately flooded my eyes knowing how happy she must be. Dewayne had to be someone special to win over Cara's heart and to match her love for life and beauty. Of course I would shoot their wedding! I consider myself (again) insanely lucky to be able to follow and grow along with families and people I love through my photography business. I was able to be with Cara the entirety of her wedding day and witness the beautiful union of these two souls. We didn't do traditional wedding portraits for their day, because it was more important for them to capture the people who were there celebrating their union with them.

I left their wedding feeling and overabundance of love and hope for life's future, knowing that everything is redeemable.