The Neimitz Family at Home in 2016

Continuing the family session trend I've been having (can you tell I visited friends in Huntsville in November?!), I wanted to share this sweet morning session with you all. 

I shared the photos I took after Harper was born, and now he's over a year old! I can hardly believe it. Waverly and Dakota were with me when I stayed over at the Neimitz's house, so they make a few appearances in their early morning session. The Neimitzs are so much like family though, that the pups blend in seamlessly. 

Watching friends parents and love their children is such a treasure. I just get to sit behind my camera and watch Sarah and  Ben love Riley and Harper (and each other) so well in the midst of crazy morning routines and schedules. It makes my heart so happy to see healthy families and watch my friends navigate parenting.