A Downtown Huntsville Bridal Session

Have you ever been surprised by something? I'm sure you have, and for me one of the biggest surprises I've had lately was how amazing these photos turned out. I was pretty nervous when this pretty red haired girl wanted to take her photos downtown in the square and on the steps of the old bank in Huntsville Alabama. If you have noticed, the majority of my sessions take place in the woods.. where I am most comfortable. So I was nervous and excited about stepping out of my comfort zone and taking photos in an unusual place with unusual lighting and surroundings for my comfort zone. When I got home to edit these photos I was giddy with how amazing everything looked. A dingy wall turned into an AMAZING backdrop for Holly's beauty. She couldn't have done better, and her red hair, her dress.. her long arms and brilliant blue eyes added the perfect soft contrast to the structure of the buildings. I am in love with her bridal portraits!

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