The Casiano Family

This sweet family, the green chair, the spring air and the growing grass.. everything was just perfect for this session. We played in a field in Research Park in Madison with quilts and of course the green chair. Little Will was having a hard time sitting still (don't most boys in fields of mud?!) so we just played around and he loved to act like he was a rocket ship. We also explored some old hidden buildings. I loved that these guys all had an adventurous spirit and didn't mind getting their shoes a little muddy for good photos and good memories. I'd say it was all worth it! And can I just add that the last photos are some of my favorites? My friend suggested I make a coffee table book of all the tantrums  I've captured over the years. I love the idea! It would be hilarious. But really, it's who they are at this age, and what better way to remember (and Praise God that it's just a season) than some photos?!blogedit2blogedit3blogedit9blogedit10blogedit34blogedit47blogedit52blogedit55blogedit65blogedit71blogedit74blogedit86blogedit96blogedit97blogedit100blogedit106blogedit107blogedit112blogedit113blogedit124blogedit125blogedit126blogedit128blogedit133blogedit153blogedit163blogedit165blogedit168family photography huntsville alabama family photographer huntsville alabama madison alabama