Austin Texas 2014

Two weeks ago I had a big adventure!! I drove up to Nashville, then headed to Texas for the Hope Spoken conference in Dallas. My sweet and fun friend Bailey (who I'd never met before, only through the internet and letters!!) lives in Austin and we thought this would be a perfect time to meet and spend time with one another in person. It couldn't have worked out better. Bailey and her hubby Mark did an awesome job showing me around Austin. I got to see the city at night, eat at some AMAZING local (TOTALLY) gluten free places, hike a bit, be amazed by how different their landscape is.. and walk up and down South Congress street. Bailey showed me some amazing hippy-dippidy places in Austin that I of course loved. On Thursday we drove to Dallas to pick up another friend from the airport and spent the night with Bailey's sweet in-laws. Friday we headed into Dallas to attend the Hope Spoken conferenceā€¦ more on that coming atcha soon!! For now, enjoy some of the shots I took around austin and around Bailey's neighborhood (which is right by the campus of UT).

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