The Giggles || Huntsville Al Family Photography

I am so lucky that people welcome me into their homes, let me get to know their families and let me tickle and love on their kiddos while we are taking photos. It was no exception with this sweet family. Transplants from the New York, they love the Alabama weather, the cheaper cost of living and the friendly faces they meet here. I loved getting to know their story and see the love they all share for one another. With no family nearby, you can see how they all cling to one another for love and support. Oh, and did I mention giggles?? blogedit_13 blogedit1 blogedit2 blogedit3 blogedit5 blogedit6 blogedit7 blogedit11_1 blogedit11 blogedit13 blogedit14 blogedit15 blogedit16 blogedit19gle