Judith + Brantley || Huntsville Al engagement photographer

These two. They are precious. When I first met Judith several years ago during a community theatre production of High School Musical I knew she had something special in her. And I knew it would take someone so special to make her complete. I started hearing about Brantley several years ago, and knew Judith was smitten. After spending just a little time with them together I can see how perfect they are for one another and I couldn't be happier for these two love birds. It makes me even more excited about their upcoming wedding that is going to take place in Judith's grandmother's backyard. How perfect. blogedit2 blogedit10 blogedit17 blogedit19 blogedit28 blogedit29 blogedit30 blogedit34 blogedit40 blogedit45 blogedit46 blogedit53 blogedit55 blogedit61 blogedit69 blogedit72 blogedit75 blogedit83 blogedit90 blogedit99 blogedit103 blogedit105 blogedit108 blogedit110 blogjudithblogedit115 blogedit120 blogedit127 blogedit128 blogedit134 blogedit140