Victoria + Ryatt || Huntsville Al Maternity Photographer

Words really can't express how much I love these two. My sister-in-law and my sweet nephew Ryatt. Victoria found out she was having another sweet baby boy while we were at the beach together last week, and we juts had to document the amazing news. I'm so proud to be her sister and so happy I got to spend such sweet time with little Ryatt.. who now calls me "Meggie". I'll take it:) blogedit1 blogedit6_1 blogedit7_1 blogedit10_1 blogedit11_1 blogedit14_1 blogedit16_1 blogedit18_1 blogedit20_1 blogedit25_1 blogedit26_1 blogedit28_1 blogedit29_1 blogedit40 blogedit41_1 blogedit44 blogedit45_1 blogedit50 blogedit54 blogedit55 blogedit59 blogedit60 blogedit63 blogedit65 blogedit71