Kate and Evan's Downtown Savannah Wedding

Erin (of Sebastian and Erin ) went to Savannah College of Art and Design with Kate. When Kate and Evan decided they were going to get married in Savannah, Erin gave her my information and the rest is history! 

Kate and Evan are the kind of people that you desperately want to be friends with. They are incredible humans on their own, but together they are dynamite. Kate and Evan work and live in NYC, Evan works with Pandora creating playlists while Kate is starting her own company designing bridal gowns for women. In fact, she designed and sourced and sewed her very own dress. GIRL BOSS. 

Kate gathered some wonderful people for her wedding, AND for her wedding vendors. I was lucky enough to FINALLY get to take pictures of mea flowers  who consequently went to SCAD with both Erin and Kate! It was a beautiful thing to see talented women coming together to celebrate and create something magical for Kate. 

Their photos kind of speak for themselves, as you scroll through them you really get a sense of the beauty of both of these people and the people that love them. It was an HONOR to share this day with you Kate and Evan!